IC Summer Program

Join us at IC's 3rd Annual
Summer Program 2017:  

Freddie Falcon is Out of this World

Students entering grades 1-8, join Freddie and friends for this summers program!  This summers program flyer and course descriptions will be available soon.


2017 I.C. Summer Program Course Descriptions

(click here for pdf version )

Grades 1-2
Mrs. Moore

If you are looking for a break from the summer sun, join us for a little poetry and craft fun! We will be reading lots of rhymes and making stuff too. It is sure not to bore and it is with Mrs. Moore!

Mrs. Erb:

Don't you think science and math are boring?....Well not anymore, get ready for GROSS SCIENCE!!! We are going to explore all the ways that make science gross and how math works into this. We will get to feel gooey gross stuff and have fun seeing how over time science can make things look yucky. Ex: like how mold grows, bacteria, etc. Hope you are ready for a GROSS science summer week to start your summer off.

Mrs. Aldridge:

You're It - Get Fit! Calling all kids who love to exercise and try new activities!  Get ready to Speedstack. Learn how to Upstack and Downstack and you're on your way to stacking competitions. Everybody can learn how to stack. Who knew that stacking is great for the body and the brain...grab your water bottle and come join us for a stacking good time!

Grades 3-4
Mrs. Bibb:

Out of this world art projects:  You will be making your own stellar STAR WARS inspired creations. You will use the force within you to make your own version of some of your favorite characters!

Mrs. Robertson:

Forensic Science:
Have you ever wanted to solve a mystery or wondered how those detectives on TV find evidence?  Now is your chance to become a real Crime Scene Investigator.   In this class you will investigate a real life crime scene, dust for fingerprints, take teeth impressions, and find out Who Dun It?  Come be a detective and help me solve the case of The Missing Bicycle

Mrs. Drake:

Join us for a fun filled week of basketball! In this summer session, you will learn how to dribble, shoot, and pass, while being given the opportunity to win fun prizes every day! After we have covered all the skills, we will put them to the test at the end of the week by playing games against one another! With hard work, dedication and most of all fun, everyone is sure to have a good time!

Grades 5-8
Mrs. Carman:

Come explore our galaxy and learn how to paint like Vincent Van Gogh! Students will be learning different style techniques used by the masters! They will explore different mediums including watercolor, pastels, acrylic paint, and plaster. Come and create your own OUT OF THIS WORLD  piece of art like the Masters.

Chef Laura:

"Attention people who like food: We have the summer class for you! Experience it all- Science, Chemistry, Physics, a kaleidoscope of natural colors, Travel to distant and exotic lands to taste new and incredible things- all from the comfort of your schools cafeteria! Delight your taste buds, engage your mind, and expand your knowledge of the hub of your home- the kitchen!"

Mrs. Hardin:

Yoda is calling all Jedis-in-training!
Health and Fitness will be a week of Star Wars- inspired fitness, including a variety of movements (Martial Arts, Glow Yoga, & Weight Training) to Fire-Up all Jedis! Along with props and costumes, we will build body strength and balance, and teach breathing techniques for relaxation. Each day we will begin our training with Yoda Yoga, Jedi Meditation, and nutritional foods to fuel our Jedis in training.
Hope to see you there and may the force be with you!

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