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Classroom Wish List

Classroom Wish Lists

The teachers and staff are extremely grateful for the generosity of our benefactors which has enabled our school to purchase goods and services to help enhance the education our students. 

And yet, Teachers are always wishing for ways to make their classes even better. This "Wish List" contains products or subscriptions that the teachers will use to directly affect the students on a daily basis. Your support is what helps make Immaculate Conception such an amazing place to educate your child. 

Just pick something you can help with and send it to the office. We will update the list when a wish has been fulfilled.  

Business Envelopes
Large Safety Pins

Homeroom Teachers
Mrs. May P3B
Laminating sheets (Scotch brand-5mm)
Sheet protectors
Gift Cards - Amazon, Hobby Lobby and Mardels

Mrs. Stevens KA
Astrobrights colored cardstock packs
Gift Cards - Mardels, A-Plus, Target, Walmart, iTunes and TeachersPayTeachers
Large, soft playground balls

Mrs. Chier 1B
iPad case/cover
Wireless Keyboard for iPad
Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card
iTunes Gift Card

Mrs. Simon 2A
Sharpies (black)
Playground equipment
Laminator Sheets (Scotch brand)
Colored Copy Paper
Board Games
Note cards
Gift Cards for Walmart and Mardels

Mrs. Moody 2B
Wireless speakers
iPads for classroom
Gift Cards to: Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Mardels (for classroom projects/activities)

Mrs. Drake 3A
New Ball Bucket Equipment for recess
Basketball Pump for balls in ball bucket
Printer Cartridges for classroom printer (HP 63-black, HP 63-color)
Class Set of Clipboards
iTunes Gift Cards - purchase educational apps & audiobooks
Brainpop or Brainpop Jr. Subscription ($230/year or $175/ year)    Subscription comes due in April and one subscription covers both classes
   *Brainpop is used for Science and Social Studies activities along with other subjects across the curriculum.  
   **Brainpop Jr. is used 3-4 times a week for learning videos and activities across the curriculum.

Mrs. Wine 3B
Basketball Pump for Playground Balls
Printer Cartridges for classroom printer (HP 63-black, HP 63-color)
Class Set of Dot Cubes (Dice)
Class Set of Clipboards
ITunes gift cards - purchase educational apps & audiobooks
Brainpop Subscription ($175/ year)    *subscription comes due in April **one subscription covers both classes
**We use this website 3-4 times a week for learning videos and activities across the curriculum.

Mrs. Gentry 4B
Playground balls  (4 square balls, soccer balls & basketballs)
Jump Ropes and Skip-Its
Gift Cards to Wal-mart & Mardels

Mrs. Robertson 5B
Wobble Stools
Classroom set of Chromebooks with charging and storage cart
Digital Dry Erase board
Classroom set of GPS devices for Geocasheing
Ball pump and play ground toys
The Pop Desk Phone
Blue Tooth Calculator add on for Macs
The Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard
Wifi portable and document camera
Gift Cards - Amazon

Mrs. Boone 6A
New Playground balls  (volleyball, basketball, soccer four-square ball and football)
White Clear View Binders 1/2 inch size - 22 needed
Yard Stick
"I'll never say 'no' to cute stickers"

Mrs. Matthews  6B
New Playground balls  (volleyball, basketball, soccer, four-square ball and football)

Mrs. Peek (Jr. High Science)
Guest Speakers (to provide insight on using Science in the real world)
Old, but still working iPads or iPhones
Apple TV (new or used)
Lego Molecule sets or old Legos
Sphero (app-enabled robots)
Pocket Lab Sensors
headphones.earbuds (new or used)
Engineering Olympics Parent Volunteers (meet with team to prepare for competition Feb 25th at UALR)

Mrs. Aldridge (Jr. High Math)
Dry Erase Markers (black or blue)
Subscription to "Scholastic Math" magazine

Mrs. Runnells
Dry Erase Markers
Hand Sanitizer
Gift Cards - Amazon and Mardels

Specialty Teachers

Mrs. Benites - Library
Small & Medium Stuffed Animals
Cross for Wall Decoration

Dr. Tyson - Music
"Note Worthy" rug
Amazon Gift Cards

Mrs. Rader - Technology Ed
Donations to our Technology Fund for:
      iPad Carts
      Chromebook Carts
      Additional apps and software to use with our existing iPads  (must be purchased by school)

Religion Department
Mrs. Roca
Colored Ink Stamp Pads
Religious/Holiday Stamps