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Our Administrators

Mrs. Nicole Schafer


Mrs. Schafer has been an educator for 23 years.  Prior to coming to IC, she taught first and second grades and was a Literacy Coach and Instructional Interventionist for grades K-05 in the North Little Rock School District.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education P-04, Elementary Education K-06, and Middle School Social Studies 05-08.  Mrs. Schafer also holds a Literacy Coach Graduate Certificate from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and she is a certified RISE trainer for the Diocese of Little Rock.

Mrs. Schafer’s Teaching Philosophy:
I believe all children can learn! When inspired by faith in Christ, we can support, challenge, and educate our students as they grow as individuals and as members of family, church and world.

Mrs. Sonni Runnells

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Runnells has been at IC since 2017 and brings with her over a decade of experience in education and educational research. She is a proud product of Catholic education in the Diocese of Little Rock, having graduated from St. Joseph School in Conway. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and a Master's of Secondary Education from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Mrs. Runnells is a certified teacher for the state of Arkansas, specializing in social studies for grades 7-12. Throughout her tenure at IC, Mrs. Runnells has actively contributed to various committees and has dedicated her services to the Diocese by serving on the Social Studies Curriculum Committee.

Mrs. Runnells' s Philosophy: I believe that education is a transformative process that should nurture the whole person, integrating academic excellence with spiritual formation, character development, and service to others. Through a Christ-centered learning environment, I believe students can grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.



Our Staff

  Name Title
Robin Bearden Bearden, Robin Preschool Teacher
Kathleen Benites Benites, Kathleen K-6 Library
Maureen Berry Berry, Maureen Registrar
Julie Bibb Bibb, Julie 4th Grade and Extended Care Coordinator
Karen Boone Boone, Karen 6th Grade
Christi Callaway Callaway, Christi K-8 Art
Dana Craiglow Craiglow, Dana Preschool Teacher
Cameron Fagan Fagan, Cameron K-8 PE
Holly Gillette Gillette, Holly 3rd Grade
Erendy Gonzalez Gonzalez, Erendy Preschool Aide
Carol Hardin Hardin, Carol Enrichment
Micki Herbold Herbold, Micki School Finance
Diana Hurtado Hurtado, Diana Spanish
Laura Jones Jones, Laura Religion
Carrie Kimbrell Kimbrell, Carrie Administrative Assistant
Michelle Koch Koch, Michelle Advancement Director
Kari Lazenby Lazenby, Kari Kindergarten Teacher
Wendy LePage LePage, Wendy Kindergarten Teacher
Kelly Lincicome Lincicome, Kelly Jr High Math
Alyssa Matthews Matthews, Alyssa 6th Grade
Billie Maxwell Maxwell, Billie Nurse
Erica McCain McCain, Erica Preschool Aide
Kallie McCullough McCullough, Kallie 3rd Grade
Cassie McGee McGee, Cassie Preschool Teacher
Gwen Moody Moody, Gwen Administrative Assistant
Kim Moore Moore, Kim 1st Grade
Jessica Morris Morris, Jessica Jr High Social Studies
Madison O'Connor O'Connor, Madison 2nd Grade
Chanda Price Price, Chanda Religion
Jenna Pride Pride, Jenna Preschool Aide
Officers Group PTO PTO, Officers Group
Christie Rader Rader, Christie Tech Ed/Technology Coordinator
Katy Robertson Robertson, Katy 5th Grade
Mala Rogers Rogers, Mala Jr High English
Sonni Runnells Runnells, Sonni Assistant Principal
Nicole Schafer Schafer, Nicole Principal
Amy Simon Simon, Amy Kindergarten Teacher
Hannah Smith Smith, Hannah Preschool Aide
Patricia Sorsby Sorsby, Patricia 2nd Grade
Jan Stafford Stafford, Jan
Sarah Stevens Stevens, Sarah 1st Grade
Elizabeth Stiger Stiger, Elizabeth Preschool Teacher
Liana Tyson Tyson, Liana K-8 Music, Band
Kate Wallin Wallin, Kate 4th Grade
Stacie Wharton Wharton, Stacie Athletic Director
Alyssa Williams Williams, Alyssa 5th Grade
Luciana Zawislak Zawislak, Luciana Support