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Family Involvement

At Immaculate Conception School, we welcome parental involvement and believe the strong support we receive from our students' families is one of the keys to our success. There are multiple opportunities to volunteer on campus through our Fair Share Hours program (FSH), which keeps track of service hours required per family each year. Families may make a monetary donation instead.

Prior to volunteering, the person must complete the CMG Connect: Safe Environment program directed by our Diocese.


Immaculate Conception Catholic School Fair Share Hours Program
Program Description

The Fair Share Hours Program (FSH) has been established in an effort to: (1) provide services and support to enrich our educational programs for our children; (2) ensure these responsibilities are uniformly distributed and shared among the school families; (3) offer families opportunities to enrich their interactions with other school parents, their children’s teachers and friends.

CLARIFICATIONS: The following clarifications are made to help with any disparities and to make this program uniform and equitable to all.

1. PLEASE NOTE: We define Single-parent status to include widows/widowers and/or a parent that has no spouse or ex-spouse involved in the responsibility, legality, education, social, and/or financial well-being of the student. This status does not include students of divorced and/or combined families.

2. Volunteer activities are to be school related. Some activities here on campus WILL NOT COUNT towards your Fair Share hours, e.g., Boy/Girl Scouts, some Men’s club activities, VBS, CYM activities, Sonfest (except the PTO baskets), etc. If there is a question about whether an activity qualifies as school related, please contact the school office.

3. Thank you for all your services and your support of this program. It is a great testament that so many families support this program and interact within our school community.

CHOOSE A PARTICIPATION OPTION: FSHP offers school families two options for participation each year.

1. Perform creditable service in a wide range of school activities and fundraisers; or
2. Make a monetary payment in the amount of $200 for 2-parent families; $100 for single-parent families.


A Service to School Agreement Form must be completed for every family. Designate your preferred participation option in Online Enrollment. 

Fair Share Hours must be fulfilled in the current school year. All recording of these hours must be completed by last day of school, after this date records will be reviewed and delinquent hours will be billed to your FACTS account. 

If you select option B to participate in activities that benefit IC, your contribution will be measured by the number of hours of service performed. Each family helps by fulfilling a minimum of 20 hours per stated date. Single-parent families will fulfill a minimum of 10 hours per stated dates. Attending Preschool only: These families are required to fulfill 10 hours or, if a single parent, 5 hours per stated dates. Only parents, legal guardians, siblings of the student over the age of 19, or other relatives in the immediate family may provide services creditable toward the FSHP fulfillment.

If you have not fulfilled the 20-hour/10-hour participation level, you will be required to pay this before we forward records to any other school. The unfulfilled hours will be assessed in May and added to your FACTS Incidental Billing.

Some volunteer positions will be published during Back2School Daze. Look through all the possibilities, decide the areas in which you’d like to help, and sign up with the PTO representative.

If you choose the monetary payment option in lieu of service, the payment, billed in two installments (September and January), is $200 for 2 parent families; $100 for single-parent families. These payments will be drawn from your FACTS account on your tuition deduction date. If you prefer, a single payment for the full amount may be made in September.

Each month please report the hours you worked through FACTS Family Portal. All hours must be recorded by last day of school.

**Remember your time and energy is helping to make Immaculate Conception a great place to learn.