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Summer Child Care

Preschool Summer Child Care 
(updated for Summer 2018)


Immaculate Conception School will again offer a Preschool Summer Child Care Program for the summer of 2018.  Space is limited.

Weekdays from June 4 - Augst 7th (closed July 4)

7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Who can enroll?
Childen must be three (3) years of age as of June 1st OR currently a PreK3 or PreK4 student. ** ALL children must be potty trained.   

Do you offer Part-Time?
Yes - see part-time rates below.

Do you offer Summer Care for 1-8?
Not as this time.

How do I register?
Complete the online Summer Care Enrollment Form 2019  (coming soon) and submit your full registration fee to our school office.

More Questions?  
Contact our Summer Care Director

Program Costs and Fees

Registration fee:  $100 (Must be received to finalize registration and confirm your child on the registration list.)

Weekly fees:    $140 for non-IC students
                            $130 for IC students pre-registered for the 18-19 school year.  
                            $100 for 3 days per week
                            $70 for 2 days per week



Summer Care Director

    Julie Bibb: EMAIL

Forms and Downloads

    Summer Care Enrollment Form

Summer Care Phones

   School Office  501-835-0771
   Summercare cell phone
       (only active during Summercare
         hours) 501-313-3466