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CMG Connect: Safe Environment

Starting in July 2017 the Diocese of Little Rock has utilized CMG Connect, a safe environment training program developed by our risk management company, Catholic Mutual Group (CMG).

Who must be trained?

All employees and those volunteers that have contact with minors. Includes any volunteers participating in a field trip or classroom activity.
A background check is run based on the information entered into CMG Connect. For the background check, please note that the information you provide online is encrypted and cannot be shared with anyone else, and no paper copies are retained.

How do I get trained?  Instructions for CMG Connect (PDF)

Go to CMG Connect, create a new account and start the "Safe Environment Curriculum — Little Rock" and Defensive Driving online training course. 

What if I was trained on CMG Safe Environment?

A part of the CMG Safe Environment, the program Defensive Driving is now required by all volunteers. So if you did your initial CMG Safe Environment training and did not do Defensive Driving; you must now complete this program.

Every 5 years Recertification with CMG Safe Environment and Defensive Driving is needed to keep your account active. 

Users who are scheduled for a five-year recertification will be notified how to do that by their parish/school safe environment coordinator.
For more information, see Five-Year Renewal Instructions.

What if I was trained on Virtus: Protecting God's Children?

Active/current users data was transferred from Virtus. Within in 5 years of your transfer you will be required to activate a CMG account.